GDES renews one of its main contracts for EDF

The renewal of this contract will enable GDES to further expand its presence in nuclear power plants in France.

Since 2018 GDES France has been tasked with the integral maintenance of the storage tanks for effluents generated by the chemical cleaning of steam generators at various EDF-owned nuclear power plants.

The project consists of dismantling the different components of the tanks, cleaning them and their interior, checking and inspecting the coating, repairing and finally reassembling them, culminating in a hydrostatic test to check the leak-tightness of the system.

The main phases are: disassembly of the accessories, inspection and repair of the interior and exterior lining of the carbon steel tanks to prevent corrosion and ensure that they are leak-tight, reassembly of the accessories and hydrostatic testing of the complete circuit.

GDES has developed a proprietary methodology for inspection and numerical control of the coating, allowing the customer to validate the defects detected in real time.

The added value provided by GDES is the capacity to carry out all the phases of the project and to have mixed French-Spanish teams with the necessary competences and skills. A bonus for the client that led to the contract for this service being renewed for a further 5 years, extendable for a further 2 years.