—Thank to the commitment, talent and teamwork of all their professionals, GDES continuously strives to be a better company, more sustainable and more efficient, always on the look out for talent to promote its national and international expansion.—



Héctor Dominguis CEO
José Dominguis Renard President
Sandra Sáez Tomás Director of Economic and Systems
Cristóbal Paus Moscardó Director of Organization, Talent Management and Legal Advice
Adoración Arnaldos Gonzálvez Director of Innovation and Technology
Julián Mendoza García Quality , Safety and CSR Director (QHSE/CSR)
José Ramón Ferrer Tormos Finance Director
Nelia Martínez Peral Tender Coordination Director
José Antonio Noguera Murillo Management Control Director
Eduardo Castelló Cobos Director of Information Technology
Dominique Mouillot Group Vice-president France
Ramón Almoguera Group Vice-President UK
José Tomás Ruiz Martínez Vice-president | Nuclear Spain