GDES has been undertaking industrial cleaning and radiological decontamination services since its creation in 1977, with the aim of being able to handle materials by reducing the risk of contamination dispersion, the radiological cost of operations with affected materials, the volume of radioactive waste, and confining contamination. Outstanding among GDES’s specialist services are those of radioactive decontamination and maintenance, an activity that is undertaken in France, UK and Mexico as well as Spain.

The development of equipment for specific uses, together with the trials of GDES ’s own staff during the testing stage, allows GDES  to know how that equipment works and what it can be used for very well.  GDES with its service vocation to client is committed to solve any kind of problem since it has a Technological Development area for the development of measured solutions  (GDES Innovation), as soon as a highly number or experimented technical staff in continuous training.


Main activities and services :

• Maintenance services
• Support for refueling outage services
• Radioactive waste management
• Operational waste and large components management
• Fuel movement support service (fresh & spent)
• Loading of spent fuel containers
• Hydrostatic testing
• Sludge treatment: decanting, pressing and minimisation   
• Decontamination  
• Chemistry and radiochemistry services