GDES Wind is a company of recognised prestige in the provision of maintenance services for the wind power industry that offers maintenance, consultancy and expertise in wind turbine blades. With its head office in Spain, GDES Wind is committed to a strong internationalisation process by making use of the synergies provided by being part of the structure of the GD Energy Services Group. The main aim of GDES Wind within the wind power industry is to provide the technological profile in order to increase competitiveness in wind power maintenance and improve service efficiency. It has carried out projects in 26 countries, with a particularly strong presence in Brazil, the US, France and Portugal.


In addition, coinciding with the development of the solar concentration industry in Spain, GDES began operating in the solar thermal sector in 2009, performing innovative projects for the maintenance and cleaning of solar fields in solar thermal power plants.

GDES Wind business areas:


 • Maintenance (preventive and corrective) in factory and field
 • Retrofitting
 • Technical assessment
 • Periodic inspection (thermography and ultrasound)
 • Technical consultancy
 • Rotor balancing and vibration dampening
 • Long-term operation  
 • Logistics solutions for blades, parts, and materials
 • Cutting, scrapping and management of end-of-life blades
 • Manufacturing of composite parts

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GDES Wind Headquarters

Parque Empresarial de Alvedro C/H Nave 39. – 15180 – Culleredo. A Coruña – Spain

Tel: + (34) 981 205 132 email:

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