—Thank to the commitment, talent and teamwork of all their professionals, GDES continuously strives to be a better company, more sustainable and more efficient, always on the look out for talent to promote its national and international expansion.—



José Tomás Ruiz Martínez Nuclear B.U. Director
Antonio Martínez Pulgarín O&M S.A. Director Spain - Nuclear B.U. Deputy Director
Arturo Pascual Rubio Thermal Protection S. A. Director Spain
Benjamín Mora Bastida Radiological Protection S. A. Director | Spain
Diego Santoro Decommissioning B.U. Director
Marceliano Curiel Nieva Decommissioning Director | Spain
Colin Lehardy Operation Manager | UK
Iván Maqueda Iglesias Surface Treatment Services B.U. Director
Mathias Avan Directeur Délegué | France
Antonio Andrés Esteban Logistics B.U. Director
Jorge Luis Uzcátegui Logistics Director | Mexico
Jesús Belloso Sanz Business Development Director | Panama
Carlos Bermúdez de Castro Muñoz Wind B.U. Director
Jagadish Rao Country Manager | USA
Hervé Guigue Responsable de GDES Wind | France
Alberto Conde Mellado Digital Transformation and Business 4.0 B.U. Director
Oihana Mendizabal Aguete Digital Transformation and Business 4.0 B.U. Operation Manager