New decontamination services contract for EDF in France

EDF-UTO (unité technique opérationnelle) has awarded the consortium formed by NUVIA and GDES a new contract for decontamination services during refuelling outages covering all French nuclear power plants for the next eight years. This wide-ranging contract will include site-specific surveys and solutions for the decontamination of areas with a high risk of exposure to radiation (“décontamination lourde”). GDES will be responsible, specifically, for underwater decontamination of the floor and walls of the reactor pool. For this purpose, GDES will complement the decontamination tasks carried out by NUVIA by providing EDF with DEMOS underwater decontamination and LD9 submersible filtration equipment.

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GDES renews one of its main contracts for EDF

The renewal of this contract will enable GDES to further expand its presence in nuclear power plants in France.

Since 2018 GDES France has been tasked with the integral maintenance of the storage tanks for effluents generated by the chemical cleaning of steam generators at various EDF-owned nuclear power plants.

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GDES congratulated by EDF on the success of its work at Blayais

GDES France was engaged in 2018 to eliminate deposits from the Residual Heat Removal (RHR) System exchangers of the Primary Circuit cooling system at the BLAYAIS Nuclear Power Plant – Unit 2. The work, executed in March 2019, was a crucial milestone for GDES France. Not only because of the pioneering nature of this service, but also because it introduces GDES France to EDF as a service provider for works in controlled areas. The goal of this project was to develop and certify a process that will remove iron oxide and silicon fouling from the visible parts of the tube plate.

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Almaraz NPP acquires RESHAND robotic arm

GDES-T4S has developed a new bespoke version of its RESHAND robotic arm for foreign material exclusion both in and outside the pool.

The RESHAND model that GDES-T4S has delivered to the Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant is a new version capable of also operating outside the water, for handling radioactive waste and moving materials in areas of difficult access or with risk of radiation and contamination, such as a solid waste interim storage facility.

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