GDES Efficiency is the business unit of Grupo Dominguis Energy Services that provides services linked to decarbonization and energy efficiency strategies.

With more than 15 years of activity, GDES Efficiency develops large photovoltaic solar energy projects, solar self-consumption for companies and carries out the operation, maintenance and control of the facilities.

We work both in “turnkey” mode (EPC projects) and in PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) mode, where we provide added value backed by our knowledge and experience.

GDES Efficiency is registered in the List of Energy Service Providers and, as such, we carry out projects that guarantee efficient energy management, committing ourselves financially to the results, to optimize and reduce energy consumption.

Our methodology is based on a 360º model that allows us to remain as an energy partner for our clients. We use our own monitoring tool (EMS, Efficiency Management System) through which we obtain the necessary information about the facilities/processes to propose appropriate energy saving measures.

GDES Efficiency carries out the design, construction, operation and maintenance of the projects, carrying out an exhaustive technical-economic study that adjusts to the needs of our clients.


Areas of activity of the Efficiency and Photovoltaics Unit:

We design, build, operate and maintain turnkey and PPA projects for industrial companies, thus optimizing companies' energy costs through:

▪ Study of the client's consumption profiles and sizing of the photovoltaic plant.
▪ Financial analysis of savings, profitability of investment and amortization periods.
▪ Financing and management of subsidies.
▪ Construction engineering, supply of all materials and installation.
▪ Obtaining permits and licenses for work
▪ Monitoring system for preventive and predictive maintenance during the 25 years of the plant's life.


By combining actions aimed at increasing the productivity of the system, as well as improving the different phases and techniques with the aim of obtaining better results with the highest possible quality using the least amount of resources.

▪ Energy audits.
▪ Energy consultancy.
▪ Monitoring through Efficiency Management System (proprietary system).
▪ Storage and batteries.
▪ Electric chargers.

Service offered in collaboration with the Solatom technology company.

In-house ‘solar boiler’ technology with the aim of developing a renewable alternative to conventional fossil fuel boilers currently used in industrial processes.

This service uses CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) technology. A mature, extensively tested technology that Solatom has patented in a modular version for industry, suitable for high-temperature heat generation. Concentrated solar systems reflect light by means of mirrors, concentrating it in order to reach high temperatures. The Valencian company goes one step further in the use of this technology, with a modular, light, transportable and low-cost design, capable of responding to the high demand for heat in today's industry.

We offer the sale of renewable heat, in HPA (Heat Purchase Agreement) format, as well as solutions for the self-consumption of electricity and heat industry.Solatom logo


Development, promotion, construction and operation of photovoltaic parks to supply energy to the electrical grid.

▪ Development and promotion.
▪ Engineering.
▪ Procurement.
▪ Construction.
▪ Operation and maintenance.

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