GDES Circularity provides value to its clients through the outsourcing of processes in the supply chain, applying circular economy logistics solutions. Improvements in services and productivity are obtained by means of technical applications such as “Lean Manufacturing”, which implements processes of constant improvement and modern technology use. Our investment capability and our work methods offer flexibility, adaptability and optimal performance to the client. In response to the requests of our traditional logistics customers, decarbonisation, digitalisation and circular economy are part of a continuous and tailor-made evolution of our traditional logistics services and solutions.

To successfully undertake projects, GDES  counts on its Human Resources department specializing in training, change management and measurement of satisfaction levels for each project. Likewise, we have our own integrated management system that includes: quality, environment and occupational health and safety, all of them certified by international bodies.

Logistic business areas:

Services focused on maximising the efficiency of our clients' supply chain, and minimising environmental and social impacts throughout the life cycle of a product. At GDES Circularity we offer specialised services in the reuse, recycling and refurbishment of products and materials, encouraging collaboration and the measurement of sustainable performance indicators.

Services aimed at identifying and exploiting the economic and energy value of the waste generated during our clients' production processes:

• Waste management and treatment.
• Energy recovery.
Consultancy, advice and training.
• Research and development related to waste recovery.


Shipping and receiving.
Loading docks.
Picking, labelling, handling.
Internal transport.

• Handling of internal flows
Circular economy 
• Provisioning
• Internal distribution
• Manual finishing and packaging
• Packing
• Optimization of machinery