GDES is part of the United Nations Global Compact, an international initiative that promotes the implementation of corporate social actions (CSR). Our CSR activities include commitments to the environment and compliance with human rights, strict compliance with employment regulations and the prevention of occupational risks and, of course, the protection of workers’ health in all the activities we perform.

CSR | Sustainability Report

Sustainability Policy               

Ethic Code                                

You can see the most relevant results of our performance in safety, environment and Corporate Social Responsibility in our CSR | Sustainability Report.

If you are an employee, customer or supplier of GDES we offer you here a direct communication channel with the Ethics Committee of our Group. Through the following link you can confidentially communicate any irregularity, non-compliance with the provisions of the Code of Ethics of GD Energy Services, the Laws or behavior contrary to the ethical values we defend. Si vous êtes un employé, un client ou un fournisseur de GDES, nous vous proposons ici un canal de communication direct avec le comité d’éthique de notre groupe. Par le biais du lien suivant, vous pouvez nous signaler confidentiellement toute irrégularité, toute violation des dispositions du Code de deóntologie de GD Energy Services, des lois ou tout comportement contraire aux valeurs éthiques que nous défendons.

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