New metallisation services in France

GDES Revanti France is expanding its metallisation services portfolio with two new contracts at the Golfech and Chooz nuclear power plants.

The services to be provided are metallisation of the internal surfaces of moisture separator reheaters (MSR) at Golfech and metallisation of the internal surface of a heater in the Chooz plant’s auxiliary building. These treatments provide the units with a protective layer to slow down the process of erosion and corrosion that occurs within them. The aim is precisely to keep this degradation process in check and to extend their service life, thus avoiding much more expensive repairs or even the prospect of replacing them.

The project begins with the marking out and containment of the area to be treated, followed by surface preparation and application of the protective coating (metallisation) carried out by a specialised team using a specific technical solution.

In 2018 GDES was the first company to successfully conclude a metallisation project of this type in the French nuclear industryIn its development GDES carried out a prior phase of studies and tests, creating a scale model and seeking approval for the system to be employed. Since our first contract at the Civaux Nuclear Power Plant, the market for our metallisation services has been growing every year, and we have now carried out 15 projects at various power plants owned by EDF.