GDES executes its first turbine tower painting contract in the wind power sector

pintura anticorrosion torre molino eólico

Thanks to the joint efforts of GDES Wind and GDES Revanti, we have been awarded a contract for a painting and coating service for the wind energy sector. Specifically, as partners of the crane truck and lifting platform company Transgruma, GDES has been commissioned by Acciona for coating repairs and painting of the wind turbine towers (40-45 m high).

Moreover, this is an emerging and growing activity in the wind energy sector, where practically no interventions of this type have been carried out; but due to the ageing of the already installed wind farms, a high growth in demand is foreseen in the coming years.

The wind turbine towers are made of carbon steel and have a coating based on an anti-corrosion paint system which requires specific maintenance work to prevent rusting as the wind farms age. GDES Wind, a specialist in the repair of composite materials and blade maintenance for the wind sector, identified the potential for synergy between the GDES Group’s business units. Thanks to its collaboration in providing the contact and opportunity with the end customer for a new activity at its wind farms, GDES has been able to offer an additional service to Acciona, which fits in with the Group’s strategy of diversification and creation of synergies.

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