Group Meeting 2019

The V Group Meeting of GD Energy Services was held in Valencia on 1 and 2 October. The meeting was attended by executives and representatives from the different countries in which the Group operates. This annual meeting focused on sharing the strategy, vision and outlook for the coming years, together with a review of the most noteworthy projects of recent months, key points and goals achieved. An excellent opportunity for the leaders of the various Business Areas and Service Areas and the Country Managers of GDES to re-establish contact, building a spirit of co-operation and drawing together the various geographical areas.

At the Group Meeting 2019, a comparison was made between the current Forecast and last year’s projected budgets, together with an overview of the current position of the strategic plan, both in terms of figures and lines of action. In addition, with the aim of promoting the principles of cohesion and unity, the managers of the various GDES Business Units focused on the most noteworthy projects and initiatives in their areas of activity, analysing the key points and future strategies of each business.