GDES successfully concludes the Extrados project, the largest GDES works contract in the French nuclear market

EDF, owner of all nuclear power plants in France, initiated the Extrados project to improve leak-tightness on concrete enclosures that are subject to pressure in several of its nuclear power plants.

To provide an alternative solution to existing systems in the market, GDES undertook an innovation project to design a new coating system for the leak-tightness of double-walled containment structures in the reactor building (SIKAWRAP 230C SYSTEM).

SIKAWRAP 230C was designed to be applied to the external face of the internal containment structure (Extrados) and to improve leak-tightness, resistance to backpressure, and good adhesion to concrete walls. This system, developed and approved by GDES, benefits from an exclusive agreement for application on all nuclear power plants owned by EDF.

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Group Meeting 2019

The V Group Meeting of GD Energy Services was held in Valencia on 1 and 2 October. The meeting was attended by executives and representatives from the different countries in which the Group operates. This annual meeting focused on sharing the strategy, vision and outlook for the coming years, together with a review of the most noteworthy projects of recent months, key points and goals achieved. An excellent opportunity for the leaders of the various Business Areas and Service Areas and the Country Managers of GDES to re-establish contact, building a spirit of co-operation and drawing together the various geographical areas.

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