GDES Wind opens a wind farm maintenance center in Galicia, Spain

GDES Wind has opted for the Council of As Pontes de García Rodriguez (Galicia, Spain) to locate a new wind turbine repair center, focused on carrying out major repairs, upgrades and zeroing.

Since 2006, GDES Wind has been operating from its main office in el parque empresarial de Alvedro, (La Coruña) where it will maintain the administrative center. The new center, an old windmill factory, has a built area of 3200 m2 and more than 12000 m2 of storage space for shovels and is equipped with all the services and facilities needed to work on the ground on the blades. Apart from its facilities, it is remarkable its good location, with a direct access to the AG-64 and very close to many wind farms.

For its special characteristics, this new center is called to become one of the reference plants in the maintenance of wind turbines in Spain.

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