Lainsa participates in an international congress organised by the French Nuclear Energy Society

Grupo Dominguis was also present at the 38th Annual Meeting of the Spanish Nuclear Society, where a paper by the Lainsa Director of Services for Europe and Asia was awarded.

The Nuclear Power Chemistry (NPC) congress held in Paris from 24th to 28th September 2012 included the participation of Lainsa and Lainsa France and dealt fundamentally with issues relating to reactor chemistry, maintenance and automated control systems.

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Lainsa collaborates in the manoeuvres of the NBQR Regiment

The Light Decontamination Unit carried out drills and manoeuvres at the facilities in Quart de Poblet (Valencia) to prepare for crisis situations.

The manoeuvres carried out at the Lainsa facilitie s, located in the Valencian municipality of Quart de Poblet, consisted of locating radioactive sources concealed in certain items of equipment, simulating illegal practices, measuring the existing contamination and subsequently decontaminating the equipment used.

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