Lainsa has been awarded the provision of complementary radiological protection services for Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant

Lainsa a company specialized in the nuclear industry and part of Grupo Dominguis was awarded the provision of complementary radiological protection services for Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant (CNC) during the 18th refueling which took place between September 25th and November 10th of this year. Lainsa has already provided this service in the past, in prior refuelings of the Valencian facility as a subcontractor, but this is the first time that Iberdrola Generación S.A. has awarded this service directly to Lainsa.

A professional team of 43 Lainsa’s experts has worked for more than one and a half months at Cofrentes Nuclear Power Plant complementing the work done by CNC’s radiological protection services, in which the Grupo Dominguis’ company has extensive experience from its participation as a subcontractor of the prior awarded company.

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Lainsa has organised the “II Health and Radiation Symposium”

Lainsa, the subsidiary company of the Dominguis Group, specialists in industrial cleaning and decontamination services for nuclear power plants and radioactive facilities, has organised, together with other institutions, the II Health and Radiation Symposium (II Jornadas sobre salud y radiaciones). The conference, which was held last June in Teruel, aimed to bring together the different laboratory studies that use biological dosimetry and to introduce the new equipment and advances in food-borne radioprotectors. The meeting was organised by Lainsa, the Official College of Doctors of Teruel, the La Fe hospital of Valencia and Iberdrola.

Marcelo Soto, the director of the Radiological Protection Technical Unit of Lainsa, represented Dominguis Group in the organising committee of this symposium, which lasted over three days. During that time, issues of great interest were dealt with, such as the results of cytogenetic studies on children from the Chernobyl area, metabolic therapy in nuclear medicine or the biological effects of non-ionizing radiation.

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Laitu Solar introduces new technological advancements at CSP Today Sevilla to improve the efficiency of the solar thermal power plants.

Laitu Solar, a company belonging to Grupo Dominguis, introduced three new technological solutions at the Fifth International Summit of Thermoelectric Solar Concentration organized by CSP Today Sevilla 2011, aimed at cleaning and maintaining the Cylinder Parabolic Mirrors (CCP) and to improve the effectiveness and productivity of the solar thermal power plants.

The best known solution is the automated cleaning Valent System, the only one that uses two parabolic rotary brushes and a pressurized water system fully integrated for proper cleaning of the surface of the Parabolic Cylinder Collector (CCP) and the absorber tube in solar thermal power plants. At this meeting, Laitu’s executives emphasized the advancement in automated technology solutions to clean Cylinder Parabolic Mirrors in a totally automated manner and the satisfactory results of a 20+ years aging test performed by an independent laboratory, the Technological Institute of Optics, Color and Imaging (AIDO).

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Lainsa SCI, awarded new contract for the Fire Brigade at the Cepsa refinery in Tenerife

Lainsa SCI, a company specialised fire prevention and extinction, has been awarded a new contract by the Fire Brigade for the Cepsa refinery in Tenerife. This new project, which will last five years, positions this Valencian firm as national leader, with more than 450 fire-fighters and technicians providing fire protection and extinction services not only at refineries and petro- hemical plants but also at other industrial facilities, nuclear centres, research centres, airport and aerospace facilities, etc.

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Dominguis Group advocates R&D to guarantee the quality of its services.

The Dominguis Group dedicates substantial effort and resources to the investigation, development and innovation because it considers them to be the future of any business and a guarantee of the quality of the services it offers.

The director of Technological Development of Lainsa, Jusús Lacalle explains that “we could think that there is nothing else to invent and that we just need to improve processes, but in fact there are always new developments that enable interesting business opportunities. Therefore, we seek to diversify services and activities, supporting ourselves with our own experience and investing in R&D”.

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