Underwater nuclear safer decontamination with the Atomic Snail

Lainsa has developed the Atomic Snail, an equipment for underwater decontamination of nuclear reactor vessel flanges, which represents an important advance for the nuclear sector because it allows process automization and, consequently, a dose reduction in and greater safety.

This pneumatic propulsion system is operated remotely and moves at a constant speed with the hability to move both forwards and backwards.

While moving, it sweeps the surface of the flange and it vaccums the working area of the brushes, in order to then filter the vaccumed fluid and retain the loosened particles.

By carrying out the cleaning remotely from the refuelling platform, an important reduction in the operational doses associated with this activity is achieved.

It is born RedEr, a novel program oriented to the Grupo Dominguis Newsletter reduction of the human error

Grupo Dominguis has launched its pilot program RedEr at the Vandellós II Nuclear Power Plant, an initiative related to the safety culture for the purpose of reducing human errors.
The Project, designed in collaboration with British Consulting Company Human Performance Leadership (HPL), is in allignment with PROCURA Program, eveloped by the Asociación Nuclear Ascó Vandellós (ANAV) to improve the safety culture with the principles of the Plan of Action for the Safety Culture of Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear (CSN).

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Lainsa participates in the round table “Past, present and future of nuclear energy” organised by the Club of Rome

The international business development manager at Lainsa, and radiological protection and nuclear and radioactive facility dismantling specialist, Jose Tomas Ruiz Martinez, took part in the round table “Past, present and future of nuclear energy”. This debate, which took place last October in Valencia, closed the Club of Rome “Energy, Sustainability and State of Wellbeing” cycle, organised by the Valencian Group of the Spanish Chapter of the Club of Rome.

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New brand image for Grupo Dominguis and all its companies and website presentation

As a result of Grupo Dominguis’s strategic planning process, which defines a clear commitment to international expansion, innovation and market positioning as a holding company of firms providing services to industry, the image of Grupo Dominguis and its subsidiary companies has been redesigned. This will give the Group a more consistent image, by unifying the different symbols that currently exist. For the same reason, the different typefaces and colours have also been unified. The ultimate purpose of all this is to:

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