A squad from Lainsa SCI has been awarded the Mapfre Global Risk prize for fire prevention

The professional firefighting service that Lainsa SCI has implemented in the industrial installations of Airbus in Getafe (Madrid) has won first prize in the XXII Fire Prevention Competition organised by Mapfre Global Risk. The Lainsa SCI squad was outstanding in the professional firefighters mode and in the fire extinguishing event in a structure on two levels (the upper with an LPG leak and the lower with a flammable liquid spill), with the use of water hoses.

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The Grupo Dominguis reaches an agreement with Metallisation Inc. to market Tirant 3

The Grupo Dominguis and Metallisation Inc, a British company specialising in metallisation equipment, have reached an agreement with the aim of joining synergies in the distribution of equipment and services. For the Spanish company this collaboration means greater sales possibilities for the Tirant 3 robot and also the opening up to other sectors and countries.

The Grupo Dominguis and the British company Metallisation Inc have reached an agreement by means of which the latter, which already was a supplier of metallisation material for the Valencia holding, becomes a business associate and client for the distribution and sale of the Tirant 3 robot.

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Grupo Dominguis employees take part in the “2011 DIME Employment Atmosphere Survey”

The employees of Lainsa and Lainsa Fire Prevention Services (Servicios Contra Incendios, SCI), two of the companies of the Grupo Dominguis, have taken part in the first “DIME Employment Atmosphere Survey”.
They gave their opinions voluntarily and confidentially on various aspects relating to the operation of the company and its work environment.

The objective of the survey, which consisted of 51 questions and has had the help of the Tecum Human Resources consultancy for its configuration and execution, is to get to know and assess the employment atmosphere of the employees of two of the companies that employ 68% of the total number of workers of the Group, Lainsa and Lainsa SCI, together with that of each of the twenty workplaces in which this positive experience has been carried out.

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168 qualified technicians make up the Grupo Dominguis staff

With the incorporation to the Grupo Dominguis of the latest higher engineering technician, the qualified technical staff now amounts to168 people, which represents 13% of the personnel.

Of over 1300 professionals making up the staff of the Grupo Dominguis, 168 are technicians with basic training in technical or higher engineering and extensive knowledge of the Prevention of Occupational Hazards and Radiological Protection.

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Lainsa is recognised by EDF as an exemplary company in security

The work of the mechanical and chemical cleaning of superheater dryers of the GSS type carried out by Lainsa in collaboration with Solarca during March at the French nuclear power station of Bugey has been recognised by Electricité de France (EDF) as the “Best Security Work of the first quarter of 2011″. This was part of the programme of the recognition of maintenance suppliers known as “Challenge de Sécurité 2011″.

In early 2011 EDF started the “Challenge de Sécurité” programme, an initiative that aims to reward an exemplary piece of work on security each quarter. The best work is chosen by a panel of judges of the Technical Operative Unit (Unité Technique Opérationnelle, UTO) of EDF after the visits it makes during the execution of the works, assessing different security culture criteria: transparency, the quality of risk evolution and of the preventive solutions applied, staff behaviour, respect for rules, and an attitude of continuous improvement, among others.

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