GDES Wind works with the most important companies in the sector at a global level, both technology firms, blade manufacturers and major wind energy developers and all other companies, entities or institutions with activities relating to wind turbine generator blades and composites.


The flexibility and capacity to adapt of the organization allow it to collaborate in the most diverse environments on the 5 continents where it has carried out widely varying projects, from major retrofits to minor day-to-day consultations and solutions.

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Blade, Parts and materials logistics
Trainings (blade repairs and inspections, composite materials, etc.)
Measurement of vibrations in rotors and optimization of pitch angles and dynamic rotor balancing
Blade aerodynamic system retrofit
Cutting, scrapping and management of unusable
Consulting and Appraisals (e.g. remote real-time diagnosis of blade problems, possible solutions or decisions regarding machine shutdown based on information and photos provided by our customers.


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