GDES has an extensive experience in installations dismantling and it is developing this kind of work continually since 1985. Its long trajectory in dismantling projects in the nuclear sector, as well as its experience acquired knowledge through more than 30 years make GDES a reference in dismantling services of nuclear and radioactive installations in Italy, UK, Sweden and, of course, Spain.

GDES  has highly qualified technician team with wide experience that includes all the stages and processes that are performed during an installation dismantling, from its project first steps up to final report delivery. GDES with its service vocation to client is committed to solve any kind of problem since it has a Technological Development area (GDES Innovation) for the development of measured solutions, as soon as a highly number or experimented technical staff in continuous training.

Decommissioning & Dismantling  business areas: 

Feasibility studies, engineering, project management, operations:
• D&D Services of radiactive and nuclear facilities: power plants, experimental reactors, equipments and components, radiactive installations
• Waste characterisation
• Decontamination services
• Feability studies, engineering and project management

Decommissioning Case Studies


GDES experience: