The origin of GDES T4S lies in the relationship that, since 1965, exists between two Spanish business groups: Iberdrola and GD Energy Services. Originally a customer-supplier relationship, over the years it has been enhanced to jointly develop technology for the various industries in which the two companies operate.

The specific capabilities of GD Energy Services and Iberdrola are now combined in GDES T4S for the common goal of improving efficiency in the O&M of electrical infrastructures.

The risks of each new R&D project are shared, while the benefits are maximized by delivering the technology also to the external market, not only to cover the specific needs of the two Partners that originated it

The Director of Innovation of Iberdrola, Agustín Delgado and the CEO of GD Energy Servicies, Héctor Dominguis and their join team in occasion of GDES T4S formal foundation act of October 2014 in Valencia, Spain.